Doodle Jump Tips

The best of games are designed in such a way that you will never get enough. And in that sense you will always want for more and keep playing the game. There are many ways to go about this goal of extended game play. There are those that create a very engaging story line. In this way, the gamers are taken in like reading a book that they can actually control. And then there are those who create games with amazing graphics. Each level makes it rewarding for the player to just keep playing and playing. And then in the purest sense of game play, the addictive element of a game is its biggest draw.

For a game to be addictive there are few elements that must be present. Simplicity is one vital cog of an addictive game. A game must be easy enough for any gamer to learn and explore. Another element is challenge. A game that is too easy will be very boring for any player casual or serious one. That is why the game might be easy to learn the situations to use the learned gaming skill are very challenging.

The very famous mobile gaming app created by Lima Sky, Doodle Jump game is a highly addictive one. It has the vital cogs for it to be very enjoyable to play over and over again. The game play is simple enough. Jump over and above clouds and reach the top. Sounds easy enough. But not if the game is laced with challenge from one cloud to the other. And Doodle Jump is just that. Simple yet very challenging. But fear not. The game is filled with tips for you to enjoy and get a high score. Here are some Doodle Jump tips.

Threading the Needle

This tip is one of the simpler ones. There are monsters that will be easy to kill when you have mastered this move. What you need to do is carefully and quickly navigate between a dangerous hole and the green monster waiting to pounce on you. What you need to next is just keep jumping in the middle platforms. And just underneath the hole, tilt Doodle the Doodler. Then tilt back as soon as you move past the hole. It is a simple and not so flashy move. But this way you move past the hole and can now focus on destroying the monster.

Movable Platform Tip

In the game Doodle Jump there are different platforms. But there is one that is very tricky to tackle. This is the movable platform. And the thing with the movable platform you can either use it to your advantage or just be plain pissed at it. But in reality, this platform can help you predict where you will go. The trick is in your thumb. Hold the movable platform with your thumb and continue jumping. This platform will be yours until you let it go. With your thumb down, you have a movable platform at your disposal.

These are just some tips that will enhance the way you play. They are quite simple and contributes greatly to the game play. So try it out and enjoy.