Doodle Jump Online

With the arrival of the cool mobile gaming apps, the world of video entertainment has shifted. Since the base platform of these games are not consoles but mostly mobile devices, the games gain advantage from the said machines. The mobile devices that carry the iOS and android systems are designed to be computers on the go. And being computers mean being able to go online any time and any place. Mobile gaming apps are one of the fortunate soft wares enjoying this feature. Now people can play their games online.

What does playing online means? It means you can quickly update your game even if you do not go to actual shops in malls and it also means you can easily boast your score to other people. Such is the case with playing Doodle Jump game online. The game is quite easy to update online. And one hand it is easy to post your score for your friends to see. That means you do not have to invite them over to see your score. It is kind of rude to invite a friend over for gloating purposes.

Playing the Jumping Game

To enjoy the game, you do not have to be a rocket scientist. All you need is a focused mind and sturdy hands to play the game. The point of the game is very easy. Help the hero, Doodle the Doodler, to jump up clouds and over obstacles by tilting your mobile device. If your hands are deft enough, you will be rewarded with power ups like jet packs. And in the game, the higher you go the higher your score is too.

The Look of Fun

The game is designed beautifully. Over and beyond the game play, the visuals are quite captivating. It takes cue from the simplistic kiddy doodle design. It is very pleasing to look at while in the back of your head you want to get the best score in the world.

Notching the Best Score

What is the point of going Doodle Jump game in the online arena if your score is not good enough to post online? To have a respectable score, you must be devoid of distraction and hindrances while playing the game. And then of course, for the gamer not gifted with deft of hands and the uncanny powers to read patterns, you can always cheat. There are lots of cheats running and jumping about in the internet. You can even go to a website that allows you to download an actual manual on cheats, tips, walkthroughs, rules and so much more. Simply go to our Doodle Jump Cheats page, and read all about it. Then there is also an app that gives you the cheats you need to get a high score in the game. Simply look for Cheats Pro for Doodle Jump game on your mobile’s app store. And just like the website with the free cheat manual download, this app provides you with a lot to help you succeed in getting the high score. If you take pride in your score, go ahead and practice until the wee hours of the morning. If you want Doodle Jump world domination in a jiffy, cheat.

At the end of any gaming session, the fun lies in sharing what you did online. Mobile gaming has taken cues from the social media phenomena. It takes after the idea, ‘I share online therefore I am.’