Doodle Jump Game

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Doodle Jump is a very dangerous game. Not dangerous in the sense it can physically harm you, but rather get you unbelievably addicted, beware! In Doodle Jump Game you have to guide a lovely green doodler to the top of your screen, by hoping from one platform to the next while avoiding enemies. Doodle Jump is action packed and intense, so get ready for some non stop action!

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Jump, Bounce, Dodge, Shoot, Leap and Snooze! The game starts of by hopping to the first platform, and it’s all about leaping and bouncing from that point onwards. You will have to keep jumping to the top in a very fast pace. In your  quest you will encounter many enemies, you can either shoot them with your nose-space-gun or dodging them!

Use Jetpacks, Hats, Springboards and Propellers to jump higher, and watch out from broken platforms – they are the doodlers worst enemy! Are you ready for an action packed quest? Let the jumping begin!

Doodle Jump Game is dangerously addictive!